kitchen makeover

it wouldn't be january if there wasn't some type of home improvement project.  i think because it's the beginning of the year, i feel motivated to do something new.

since, we have fixed all the leaks we had, early this month and the one in november, it was time to get started on something we want to do rather, than a repair we had to do. this weekend we were testing color choices for our kitchen cabinets. i would have loved to put in new cabinets, but that is definitely not in our budget, so we will be content with painting them. alabaster is the color i picked for the upper cabinets. most of our upper cabinets are going to be torn out and we are going to replace them with selves. alabaster will be for the remaining upper cabinets and selves that we will be building.

the lower cabinets will be the mineral deposit (gray).

the kitchen walls will remain white, because i love makes everything look crisp, clean and bright.

we are in the process of looking at different counter top choices.  i know, i don't want tile or granite...i don't like the look of either one.  who knows what will end up with???

i'm excited to get the process started!

Loving Legos...

and so it begins... the adventures with Legos! "Mom, these are more fun than playing cars and blocks and people," Ellie proclaimed, and Lola proudly totes her self made Lego princess car everywhere she goes lately. I have to admit I am really excited about the girls new interest in Legos. I love building with legos and love that it is truly something we can do together. I am in the works of crafting the perfect Lego table for them, just in time for their birthday.