super nice chicken

This is the chicken that started it all.
While farm sitting for a friend on Zumwalt Prairie, my daughter fell in love with this chicken who she named Super Nice Chicken. Super Nice Chicken had no issues with someone reaching under her to pluck an egg. There was also Big Fat Mean Chicken who did mind, and showed her by pecking her hand when it came near. From this experience we made the decision to raise our own chicks so they would grow to love and respect the hands that feed them (and the ones that pluck eggs from under them).

Rhode Island Red Hen

the egg did come first!

chicken egg

This is the egg that started it all.
Once we tasted these farm fresh eggs, I knew we had to have chickens in our own backyard. "But our yard is so small," I thought. I then consumed every web site and piece of published material I could get my hands on to learn how others had kept small flocks of hens in their tiny spaces.