Cinnamon Sugar Plum Galette -- Tuesdays with Dorie

Michelle from Michelle in Colorado Springs selected Summer Fruit Galette for this edition of TWD. I was very excited to try this recipe -- gee, feels like I say that at the start of every post but I really am excited about trying all of these new recipes! Anyway, this was my first ever galette, I've heard of them and had them in restaurants but never made my own. I wasn't really sure which 'summer fruit' to pick and bought "red" and "black" plums and also apricots but ended up just using the plums.

I'm not sure if I read this in Dorie's book or some other cookbook but I remember somewhere a galette being referred to as a 'free style' pie and that's exactly what my galette looked like, it was not round at all, mainly because I didn't want to handle the crust too much and figured there was no real reason to worry about the shape.

Everything came together nicely, I used some raspberry jam, and wish I hadn't. It was almost too tart, I think strawberry or maybe that ginger jam Dorie was talking about would have been better.

When I was ready to put the sugar dusting on before baking I spotted my little tub of cinnamon sugar and thought, why not? I love cinnamon sugar on just about anything, peaches, pancakes, applesauce, toast... so I sprinkled that around the crust and also some on the fruit. I wish I would have macerated the plums in sugar for a while, they were too tart and my galette was not sweet enough. Oh-well. Overall the recipe is great, just make sure your fruit is sweet or you add some extra sugar or honey...this is such a rustic dessert that I would love to try with apples and a caramel drizzle in the fall, YUM!

Oops almost forgot the custard, I was planning on trying it even though I hate eggy stuff (which you might remember if you read my chocolate pudding post) -- but in the end I just left it off. Would it have given my plums the sweetness that they were lacking? Maybe, but I just couldn't get over the part where Dorie says 'it shouldn't jiggle' sorry but that made me sick to my stomach. I really wanted to branch out and try all sorts of new things, and you know what, I plan to, but with this galette it felt like I would be ruining something I might love (fruit galette) by adding that custard, and I didn't want to take that risk. You know what I should have done is made a mini galette on the side and tried the custard in there, maybe next time!