Lemon Rosemary "Butterflied" Tofu -- Barefoot Bloggers

Ha! I knew I should probably just skip this selection since, well, how can you butterfly tofu? I don't know, but lemon and rosemary sounded nice together along with some garlic and sea salt and olive oil, why not try it with tofu?

This didn't really turn out, I pretty much expected it wouldn't so I only used half a block of tofu. Oh-well. I'm glad I tried! I think I should have made some lemon rosemary pasta instead.

Butterflied Chicken was the original recipe chosen by Stefany of Proceed with Caution for Barefoot Bloggers this week, which I'm sure is an amazing choice if you eat chicken. I pretty much took Ina's flavors from the recipe and tried it with broiled tofu. I hope everyone else in our group had a great meal :)