Roasted Garlic Express -- Maker Monday

I know I haven't done a "Maker Monday" post in a while but that doesn't mean I've run out of fun gadgets to share :) This is a Todco Roasted Garlic Express, it is a true unitasker, performing only one service -- roasting garlic, and it does a wonderful job at it! These little makers are inexpensive and super easy to use. Here is a quick run through on how to use them...

First, open this adorable garlic shaped contraption and take out the thin metal garlic 'pan,' underneath you will find this terra cota insert, run it under water and place it back inside, it doesn't need to be filled or anything, just wet.

Slice off about 1/4 inch off the top of the bulb, this should leave all of the cloves exposed, you might have to cut off another thin layer just to make sure you can see the cloves.

Add in 1 tbsp olive oil per bulb, you can usually fit three bulbs in but I had pretty big ones and could only fit two. Season your olive oil with a little salt or whatever herb you would like. I used a touch of Lawry's Seasoned Salt and some freshly ground sea salt.

Close your Roasted Garlic Express, and press the little garlic button. That's it! Don't open to peak, your garlic needs to roast for 27 minutes and after that the roaster will turn off automatically and the light will go out.

Let your garlic cool for a few minutes, then snap on the little handle and remove the roasting pan. The instructions give you instructions for 'stubborn garlic' (see the cute little pic of the naughty garlic above?) where you can roast for another half cycle if your garlic is not fully roasted, but I've never had to do this.

Turn over your garlic bulbs and you will find perfectly roasted garlic! Ready to be squeezed out of the cloves and spread on to bread or put into sauce or whatever else you would like to do with your roasted garlic.

A grapefruit spoon makes removing the cloves intact super easy. Then you can mash them up and keep them in the fridge for whevever you need some roasted garlic.

I will not say I am a garlic lover because I still am not a fan of raw garlic or big pieces of garlic in foods but I am a garlic liker. It's the usual texture that gets me. With roasted garlic the texture changes to an almost butter consistency. No more raw garlic bite! Really easy to stir into sauces and soups, and even great spread on a cracker or some crostini. If you've always loved garlic flavor like I have, but not the bite, then you should really get a Roasted Garlic Express. Of course you can roast your garlic in your oven the traditional way, but it takes about twice as long and you waste so much electricity. Garlic is so healthy and I love using it more thanks to this little invention. Now when a recipe calls for minced or crushed garlic, instead of subbing with garlic powder, I use some of my roaster garlic stash from the fridge instead and the flavor it adds is amazing.