My Kitchen My World -- Iran

This week the My Kitchen My World gang picked recipes from Iran to try, thanks to Elra of Elra's Cooking , who has amazing recipes and beautiful photography on her blog that I just love to visit. It was quite a coincidence that Elra chose Iran because I was just looking through one my favorite bread baking books and wanting to try the Barbari Breads, described as small Iranian flatbreads, and thought to myself, "when someone from My Kitchen My World picks Iran I will give these a try for sure."

To go with the breads I found this recipe for Persian Rice with Walnuts. I really enjoyed the flavors of this dish but wasn't sure what rice would be best to use, my white rice usual is jasmine rice, but I had just bought some basmati and used that for this dish, and I think there was a little too much liquid and my rice was a little softer than I like. Other than that the recipe was great, I halved it and it still made a huge amount of food. My kids surprised me by actually tasting this dish and having it for lunch. My oldest son picked out and ate every last vegetable, and especially liked the garbanzos. My daughter picked out and ate the peas and garbanzos and also a few bites of the rice. My baby loved it all, he is such an adventurous eater.
Here are the breads before and after baking...
and here are the veggies before being added to the rice.
This was a fun pick for MKMW, thanks Elra! I can't wait to see what country we will visit with our tastebuds next week :)