Coconut Butter Wedges -- Tuesdays with Dorie

Time for Tuesdays with Dorie! This week's recipe, Coconut Butter Thins, was picked by Jayne of The Barefoot Kitchen Witch, thanks Jayne! The add-ins for this recipe are two my favorites, macadamia and coconut -- yum! We didn't have any macadamia nuts so I asked my husband to pick some up at the store and he came home with two pounds of them!!

I don't know why I put off baking these until the last minute but I did. And I know these were supposed to be Coconut Butter Thins but I ended up with Coconut Butter Wedges -- I changed the baking 'method,' instead of the rolling out in a bag and doing squares I decided to pat the dough into the bottom of my 10 inch springform pan, then cut the cookies into wedges.

I love 'wedge cookies' and after reading the P&Q regarding these I noted that some people had spreading issues with these and some people had shortbread style cookies. When I first read the recipe I expected spread out lacy cookies because Dorie mentions how fragile these cookies are, but I must admit I prefer the shortbread consistency over lacy cookies, and since these were going either way with the TWD bakers I didn't feel too guilty deviating from Dorie's directions and baking them like I did.

Here are the other things I did with this two sticks of butter went straight from the fridge to the microwave to soften for 20 seconds because it was late and I forgot to leave butter out at room temperature, oops! I totally skipped the chilling of the dough for these and just hoped for the best. I turned *up* the oven temperature for this recipe (I'm always changing around oven temps but usually lowering them) -- I started out at 350 for 20 minutes, then went to 375 for 8 minutes to finish them, I was periodically checking and just took them out when I felt they looked done.

I will make sure to try them 'as written' per baking instructions next time, as for ingredient changes, the only swap I did was to switch lime zest for lemon. And I do love lime, so will try that again on my next bake of these, I just happened to have a lone lemon left from my last bag of lemons and wanted to use it up.

These cookies were amazing! Probably my personal favorite TWD cookie we've made so far. The flavor was just perfect and the texture was not too hard or crunchy, but more soft and chewy, with nice bits of crunch from the macadamia nuts. I can see making these again often, yum!