Chipster Topped Brownies -- Tuesdays with Dorie

This is going to be a short TWD post, first off, thank you to - Beth of Supplicious, who picked Dorie's Chipster Topped Brownies for us to try as our treat of the week. After a busy Memorial Day weekend, I decided to bake these brownies today -- Tuesdays morning! I am usually a Monday night baker, or Sunday morning if I have some extra time, but these were an actual Baked on Tuesday treat.

I liked the idea of this recipe, a yummy brownie bottom and cookie top, I had in my mind what I thought these would look like, but then I saw a few posted photos in the P&Q section and was surprised to see they were more brownie like than half brownie and half cookie like I expected.

Changes I made were to use semisweet chocolate in place of the bittersweet. After doing a few chocolate recipes early on with Tuesdays with Dorie that used a lot of bittersweet and not being happy with the results I decided that it was okay to not *love* bittersweet chocolate like the masses, it's okay to like semisweet or -- gasp -- the dreaded milk chocolate, can that even be called chocolate? I don't know, but I like it. Much better than I like anything bittersweet.

Not too many photos this time around, above is the brownie layer, and below is the cookie layer spread over the brownie layer.

I baked these at 350 as specified, in a foil lined pan (instead of parchment or wax paper) -- sprayed with Baker's Joy. The pan was a simple single ply Wilton 9 by 13. I have an insulated 9 by 13 but with the warnings of underdone brownies in the P&Q I thought single ply would be the way to go. I love the insulated 9 by 13 for bars where you don't want them to be too crispy on the bottom or sides -- the insulated pan worked perfectly for the Caramel Crunch Bars we made with TWD a few months ago.

My kitchen timer was set for 50 minutes, after 20 I tented the brownies to prevent the cookie part from over browning. At 50 minutes I took them out and decided they weren't done, popped the back in the oven for an extra 10 minutes, so 1 hour total. Now they are cooling. I am so nervous about having them underdone, I think I will let them cool all day and maybe leave them in the pan overnight in the fridge before attempting to remove them from the pan and slice them.

Check back next Tuesday for Cinnamon Squares, which look absolutely delicious, and the conclusion of Chipster Topped Brownies -- I hope for edible results!