signs of summer

Fresh Strawberries

Our week back in civilization has consisted of a broken toilet, burrowing moles, lawn mowing, angry chickens, laundry and more laundry. Bailey received a professional grooming. After a week in the desert, a total of 15 ticks had taken up residence on her body. Those as well as the imbedded cheat grass had to go.

I'm plugging along on the design of two web sites. As a print designer, this is a new challenge for me. Some differences include saturating the heck out of colors (which are now only made up of red, green and blue) and making decisions about what a link looks like when a cursor hovers over it versus what it looks like after its clicked on.

The garden is growing like crazy. Last night we had a huge salad with the two types of lettuce, cilantro, carrots and red potatoes. The potatoes are so yummy. I cut back the green stalks that were taking over the raised bed they're in and the potatoes are still growing under ground. Next year I'll be planting them somewhere else where they have more room to spread out... those are the best potatoes I've ever had! Even my daughter ate one on her salad!

While we were gone we almost missed the yummy Oregon strawberries that are the best thing to happen to June around here.

pick of the crop

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