hot town, summer in the city

daisy in July

Our backyard thermometer registered 107 degrees for the last few afternoons. Here in P-town, where many don't have AC, that's downright miserable! Fortunately for us, a few years back we purchased one of those room air conditioners. You know, the type that looks like a giant oxygen tank with Michelin man legs that hang out the nearest window and drive your electricity bill up into the same triple digits as the outside temperature. Oh yes, for this large white cold box, I am extremely grateful. Without it we would be forced to join the thousands of Portlanders baring it all at the local outdoor pool (where they had to cut off the number of visitors to 450), or at our nearby mall where people right now are draped over hard wooden benches reading books, napping, changing diapers (I know this for a fact because we've already spent two evenings shopping there in the last few days). I'm here to tell you, it's an expensive endeavor for us!

Yesterday I filled the bathtub with cold water and stayed in there until the hot flashes subsided. So far today it's a civilized 90 degrees, and I feel like a new woman!

Portland heat wave

daisies after heat wave

That last picture is just one example of the heat's effect on our beautiful flowers. I'd show you what it's done to us, but I'm afraid you would run away and never return.

. . .