fifth and last official day of STAY-CATION

We started off our last day of staycation by going shopping. There were way too many reasons not to go shopping. 1. We live in walking distance from a great mall 2. mom has a ton of gift cards from her birthday to spend and 3. it's too hot not to be taking advantage of free airconditioning... so we headed out and had a blast.

Little did we know that Lola's birth inspired Marc Jacobs to create a new perfume. It smells pretty nice too, if I may add.

We managed to find some bargains today and also these super cute bows for the girls! (I wanted to put them on right there in the store, since everyone who stopped us said "oh twins, one boy and one girl" I wanted to ask "which one of these babies wearing the pink dress do you think is the boy?" but I didn't and simply said "oh no, two girls." I should write a book of all the comments people say to me when I am out and about with the girls.
Off to the beach... we brought daddy along this time!
Shopping wore them out a bit, they napped as we walked the pier.

Lola put her feet int the ocean for the first time today she seemed to like it!

Ellie on the other hand screamed when I put her feet in the water, I couldn't really tell if she was screaming in delight or displeasure.
After the beach we met our friends Mouse and Carole for dinner at one of the best Mexican places in San Diego "Natti's"
Mouse and Lola

Carole and Ellie

Side note: Lola has found her tongue!