Baptize Me!

Today was a very special day, Lola and Ellie got baptized!
Tony and I set a very practical goal and that was to get the girls baptized before their first birthday; we did it with two weeks to spare.
Drew and Sara processing as Godparents to Lola with Pastor John Bombaro
Mark and Missi processing as Godparents to Ellie

The girls were very good in the beginning, they seemed to like all the attention.
Well at first anyway...

They lasted through the baptism in their Godfather's arms but quickly ended up in mine -two crying babies amplified with echos isn't soft on the ears.

Me, Tony, Lola, Uncle Drew, Aunt Sara, Emma, Poppi, Grandma Mar, Ellie, Mark, Aiden, Missi

Ellie in Wonder
Our angelic Lola

We celebrated with a beautiful lunch, Thanks Robin!

The girls got their first taste of cake today, Yummy!

What a beautiful day!