Simple Saturday!

The girls had a great Saturday yesterday! It was the first sunny and dry day in a while.
This picture might seem strange to you. Why do I want to remember this simple breakfast out? Well if you can believe it, this is the first time since the girls have been born (yes almost a year) that just the four of us have been to a restaurant. Tony and I have been out, the girls and I have been out, and the four of us have been out with other people there to help, but never have we been out in a restaurant just as a family. It might not see that incrediable unless you are familiar with our situation. I am glad that I concurred my fears and took the plunge. The impossible is not so impossible! (yes, Tony did manage to get breakfast too!)

Yummy eggs!
Yummy Waffles!

Off to target...

This is how Ellie rode all the way through Target. Tony was in heaven. Ellie absolutely loves riding on her daddy feet. She screams when we try to take her off and she hold on so tight that we don't worry about her falling. Needless to say they got a ton of attention!
(Check out the video below).

No pictures of the park, but the girls has a blast and I am sure it felt good to play outside, since they had been cooped up all week.

Uncle Mark stopped by for a visit! Ellie being the dare devil again and Lola just loving her tickles!