Staying home is fun these days!

The girls love playing outside, but we were so hesitant to let them on our deck because of the open space in between the railing. A friend of ours put plexi-glass onto the railing to keep the girls safe when playing outside as their birthday present. Thanks Monte! The girls are so happy now that they will be able to take over our deck too! And look the plexi-glass doesn't even block our view!

Lola loves it!

Ellie too!

Little Miss independent- times two... they don't even want me to brush their teeth anymore, they want to do it all on their own. Too much fun (I guess I can't complain that my girls love brushing their teeth).

They both love reading in our laps these days too... here is Ellie reading with daddy. It is so cute, she will go get a book and climb up onto Tony's feet and read with him. Can we say daddy's little girl or what?

I think we can rename daddy "The twin's train"
If I ever need to get anything done around the house all Tony has to do is say "choo...choo" and the girls up aboard and occupied for quite a while!