Spring Break!!!

Friday started my Spring Break... Off for a whole week... the girls and I are going to have fun!
We did not waist anytime getting the party started. After a late night with friends on Friday we spent Saturday at two birthday parties. First was their friend Declan's first birthday, it was such a fun afternoon at their outer space birthday!
The girls loved this water toy...I am going to have to search on Craig's list for one just like it!
I tried to get the girls to play in the jump house, but they wanted nothing to do with it. They absolutely love jumping on mom and dad's bed but when they are allowed to jump on something-No Way-
Here's the birthday boy just about to devour his cake.

Then we went to Emma's to celebrate Auntie Sara's birthday!
They love playing on this table, especially when Emma bring out the cards.

Yummy Time to eat!

Happy Birthday Sara.