Babbling Babies

What is Ellie saying these days? Well...

"sisss" for sister
"shhh" for shoes
"bana" for banana
"ash" for trash
"was at" for what's that
"ah-oo" for Thank you
"uh-uh" for uh-oh

What is Lola saying these days? Well...

"ips" for chips
"bahbah" for bottle
"ummm" for yumm
"mm" for milk for water

The girls are also playing the "Where's Your" game. I swear they learned all their body parts over night. Both girls can show you where their eyes, ears, hair, teeth, and bellies are - ellie can even show you where her toes are.

It is amazing to watch how fast they learn, I almost feel pressured to put my teaching skills to work at home on the girls and expose them to everything I possibly can because they are at such an impressionable age, but then again play in always underrated and I believe that children learn best when playing and having fun -so for now I will just focus on playing and having fun with Lola and Ellie.