bitter-sweet transition

So Tony and I said to each other the other day when we set this new shelving up to store the girl's toys and books, "it's not a nursery anymore it's a bedroom." Who stole our babies and gave us kids? My dad gave me some advice and suggested I take pictures of the stages of the girl's room, I am so glad I am taking his advice, this is the third transition we have made. The room first had only one crib they shared and a changing table, then two cribs and a changing table, then the changing table was out and replaced with the cute chairs and now it's a bedroom and no longer a nursery. This transition is bitter-sweet, Bitter that the girls are growing too fast and sweet because they love their new toy shelf and playing in their big girls room (look at the smile on Lola's face in the second picture).

Not quite ready to give up the rocker just yet... that might take me a while!