Cousins and Costco

The girls and Aiden are starting to have so much fun together...he's like their big brother!
We Love Costco, just not on a Saturday afternoon. I do not know what Tony and I were thinking when we ventured out to Costco last Saturday at 1:00 in the afternoon (it's like the most busy time). At first the girls loved the crazy cart ride, all the people watching, and of course the samples, but about 20 min into it the girls got just as cranky as their mom was starting to get and they were giving me multiple signs that they wanted out of this huge warehouse full of crazy people buying bulk. Needless to say we did not pick up half the stuff we needed but did end up having a bit of fun anyway. The girls did get some new PJs.... Costco has the best PJs at the lowest price!
So cute in the cart together... they did get quite a bit of attention!