Lesson Learned!

A while back I blogged about the new time-out/reflection chair I painted for the girls. Well these last couple of weeks the girls have gotten a pretty good introduction to the reflection chair. The other day Lola started hitting me and her sister because she didn't get what she wanted... consequence was an immediate time out (I am really trying to nip this hitting thing in the bud) Well Lola gets the time-out concept, she just sat on the chair and cried it out with that "I'm so sorry look" on her face. The cutest of all, is that Ellie simply could not let Lola sit in time-out all on her own. She came up and sat right by Lola the entire time, she even tried to make her feel better by giving her a kiss.
Gosh-What more can a parent ask for-sisters who will be there for each other though it all!

Ellie you are such a sweet sister!