bye to summer....

How do I know we had a great and super fun summer?
1) My summer chore to-do list is not nearly complete.
2) Both the girls and I have substantial tan lines and Tony is as dark as ever.
3) My work out regimen went to the way side.
4) All of us are tired as hell and think mom going back to work will give everyone a break!
This summer we had a blast, got to see so many friends, family, and make great memories. The girls grew leaps and bounds and I fell that much more in love with these two little Angels being home with them 100%. I report back to the classroom tomorrow, but my job is great and hours are not bad and hey we live in San Diego, it's practically summer all year around.
Here are some pics of our last hurrah at Sea World... What a blast!

The New Horizon Dolphin Show was spectacular.

Lola LOVED this ride!
The Bay of Play at Sea World is a kids heaven...
Our Friends from Sesame Street were there....they both were a bit scared to meet them but after we left Ellie kept saying "Hi Elmo" Below Cookie Monster, Elmo, & Zoe are all crying because the girls don't like them :(

Play, Play, Play

(do you notice that both the girls are getting streamed in the face)

Play Hard, Sleep Hard!