Fishies & Friends

Today we spent the afternoon at the Stephen Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. The girls were very fond of some exhibits and scared of others. At first they loved all the fish and were very curious about the huge fish tanks, but then I think the darkness of the tunnel and some of the strange fish spooked them a bit... not to mention the stories their dad was telling them about the sharks that were hanging from the ceiling. Ellie kept saying "shark bite" after daddy scared them a bit with his antics... hey that's what dads are for right? They both learned a few new words today, whale, shark, star, & fishies. The mantra today was "Hi Fishies, Hi Fishies" so cute!

Ellie was daddy's girl today, she figured out that if she sat on her daddy's lap she was level with fish and could see them better. While inside Lola was attached to me the entire time.... she was a little spooked!

The girls loved this tank- it was full of so many bright colors and cool fish!
The aquarium has a nice lookout point and Lola was gazing at the ocean -probably wondering why WE weren't swimming instead of watching all these fish swim!
Ellie pointing out something very important to her daddy.
They even got to touch a star fish!
Lola loved the tide poles outside the aquarium.
The girls topped their day off by going swimming and eating dinner with their friend Bailey... nothing cuter than three little girls in diapers!

Lola, Ellie, & Bailey