Halloween Party!!!

The Mezzadri Family...aka family of bugs... headed out this afternoon to a toddler Halloween party at our friends Melissa and Brandon's house. It was great! All the kids and adults were dressed up and ready to have fun!
Ellie: Bumble Bee, Lola: Lady Bug, Mom: Butterfly, Dad: Spider
(Ellie kept calling daddy, the itsy bitsy spider)

Melissa the witch and her son Brady the tiger!
Kathleen and Bailey the Dragonfly
Amy as Snooki from "The Jersey Shore"
Leslie the Greek goddess and Joseph tiger number 2
Pinatas and lots of candy!
Lola figured out this game really quick and came away with a huge bucket full of candy!!!

She was not going to let anyone take her stash!
Ellie took her fair share!

Lola and Ellie pushed Ella, the little Nome, around the yard forever
What a fun Halloween thus far and it's not even 10/31 yet!