Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We headed up to my brother Matt's house in Santa Rosa for Thanksgiving. The day was great, they pulled off a great feast and fed 32 family and friends.
It was a fun evening full of great food and good times!
Mo (my sister-in-law aka Auntie Mo) and the turkey
Uncle Matt carving the bird
Ellie and her buddy Cousin Haven, me, and Lo
Mo and Stace
Great Grandpa, Poppi, Lynno (my uncle), and GG
Ellie and Uncle Matt, she loves her uncle Matt!
Crazy Face Elle
Yummy... Elle Cuddling with daddy
Cousin Athena helping Lola enjoy her Thanksgiving feast!
What a big Thanksgiving!
Ellie scarfing it up
Desert Time! Uncle Jeff (AKA the baby whisperer) and Grantie my Aunt Robin
The girls sure did enjoy their desert! Big day for these little girls.... nothing better than a Grandma's lap!
Happy Thanksgiving, Hope you all had a great one!

Black Friday
All the girls headed out to the mall to try and snatch up the great deals. We all slept in too long for the really good deals but we did catch a ride on the mall train as well as enjoyed a good lunch together!