Merry Merry Christmas!

I can chalk up 12.25.2010 to one of my very favorite and one of the happiest days of my life, I think it possibly could be the happiest day of my life as a parent. There was something so special about this Christmas. The girls were filled with smile after smile (well after they realized Santa wasn't in our living room... reference first video). Watching our girls experience the magic of Christmas simply validated every happy childhood memory I have. Tony expressed the same feelings. It was day filled with smiles, laughter, thanksgiving, family, and joy!

This first video is when we went into the room to tell the girls Santa came. They misunderstood our excitement and thought Santa was here and didn't want to come out of there room, so we had to carry them out, but when they saw what Santa brought them they were ecstatic!

Santa came and brought a train table and lots of other wrapped gifts!

Don't worry Santa made sure the train table was a bit girlie! "I like it!" says Ellie"Yay, Choo Choo rain" says Lola

Stocking Time!!

More presents...

"Sit & Spin"

They love them and were able to figure them out in just a few tries!

Aftermath #1

Our first traditional Christmas breakfast of Cinnamon rolls and mimosas (well OJ for the little ones) The girls helped me make them and Ellie was my taste tester.

One Happy Family!

Christmas Cuteness!

Off to grandma's house we go! psstt...Santa came there too!


They got new musical instruments too!

and very cute backpack...they kept putting their backpacks on and saying "bye, to TT's House" TT is their day care lady!

But of course they must put on some of their new makeup before they go!

Aftermath #2

Dinner Time!
Antipasto and Cannelloni

What a day, the girls were ready for some cuddles and we were ready for some relaxing!

This sums it up!
(the simple reminder of the true meaning of Christmas,
we got to see from our balcony all season long)
"Happy Birthday Jesus!" as Ellie would say

It is a time to be truly joyful!!!