New Beds... New Room!

Big Transition is Upon Us!
It is definitely a bigger transition for Mom and Dad than for our "big girls"
They are now officially out of cribs and into toddler beds!
First nap for Lola in her new big girl bed!
First nap for Ellie in her big girl bed!
First full night sleep in their big girl beds.
They went to bed nicely, Lola just needed some extra snuggles to feel safe in her new bed, but after about 10 minutes they were asleep and we didn't hear a peep until about 7:40am this morning when I heard them both giggling, I walked in and saw them sitting together between their bed reading books....
Is this transition going to be this easy?
I won't count my chickens yet!

New BIG GIRL Room!
Thank You Grantie and Gruncle for a super cute canopy... the girls love it!

The train Santa brought them fit perfectly in their room.

The even have a kitchen/grocery store in their room (lucky girls)!

They now have easy access to day dream out the window!

(notice the absence of the rocking chair... it was way to early for 'mom' to get rid of that so the rocking chair has been moved to our office, that is where we will "Rock & Read"