Our Second Christmas!

My parents came down on 12/26 to celebrate Christmas with their four grand babies in San Diego. It was such a nice second Christmas!
Tony, Poppi, Lola, Stacie, Grandma, Ellie, Aiden, Mark, Missi, Baby Liam
The second coming of Santa Clause
(note: my whole family had sent their gifts for the grand kids with my parents to drive down)
Preparing a good dinner of ham, scallop potatoes, veggies, and garlic bread!
The girls helped grandma make the potatoes.

Ellie & Grandma
Present Time!
The kids are now really, really good at ripping open their gifts.
I will say that my girls were beyond spoiled this Christmas and will not need a new toy for the rest of their lives :) They sure are enjoying all their new things. It is nice to watch them play so mature with all their big girl toys.

Aftermath #3
Dinner time!
Missi and Tony

Poppi, Grandma, & Missi

The kids are eating at the new official "Kiddie Table" so cute!
The girls love their new baby cousin and are fascinated by watching Auntie Missi take care of him! I think Liam had a relaxing first Christmas getting spoiled with constant cuddles.