New Car

Before we had kids Steve and I bought a minivan.  We had a large dog that we hauled around regularly and we knew children were in our future, so we figured that a van made sense.  And it has proven to be a useful vehicle.  But recently we discovered that the 10 year old van needed $1,000 in repairs.  It no longer seemed such a useful vehicle.  So we started car shopping.  Yesterday we took the van for one last ride and said goodbye.
We dropped the girls off at Aunt Robie's for the day and Steve and I spent the day car buying.  We came home last night with a Subaru Outback.  It's not as big as the van, but we really didn't need all the space.  We havn't learned all the little tricks of it yet ( it does have seat warmers!) but I think it will be a good car for us.  The girls, of course, are delighted.  As Rachel said, "New car!  New! NEW!"