New gifts and New cuteness...

I guess the Lola & Ellie's birthday is never going to ends!
They continue to receive such sweet and fun gifts!
GG and Great-Grandpa sent the perfect winter attire, it gives us every excuse to head back up to the snow!

I think the girls are waiting by the door in their gear to give us a hint that they might just want to go back to the snow, so they can sport their new fits!!
On the contrary, we received some gift cards from Grandma and Poppi and we were able to get a head start on summer shopping... summer never can come fast enough for mom... and the girls! They were so happy to get their suits on, just look at their smiles. They were ready to head out to the pool and jump right in.

(sorry a bit blurry, but too cute)

While modeling their suits, Lola stole daddy's mouth stick that he uses to operate his computer. It was so cute that Lola was trying to be like daddy and operate her computer the way he does.
I am a bit excited about these hats I found for the girls at a huge steal, of course the girls had to have the sunglasses too! I also posted this picture because I can actually see myself in Lola, for once I can say I think my daughter actually looks a bit like her me.
The girls also got a knew write and wipe arts and craft table that can fold up and go anywhere. They loved it!
I can officially say our girls are spoiled by all of our great family and friends!!!
Thank You, Thank You!