Celebrating St. Patrick

   Katherine has had questions about St. Patrick's Day.  Quite frankly, they are hard to answer.  Because I don't really know why we celebrate.  We aren't Irish.  (Kate says, "Um, I'm Chinese".) We aren't Catholic, so saints in general are not mentioned.  We don't drink and I'm the only one who likes corned beef and cabbage.  So, other than it's fun to wear green, I don't know why we make today special.    But at school, all of the questions were irrelevant, because there was GOLD!  Every year, the "leprechauns" visit and fling gold nuggets (aquarium gravel spraypainted gold) all over the hall.  Every kid in the school scrambles around filling their pockets with gold.  It is SO much fun!  Even the 5th graders, who know it's all just silliness, make sure they get their share.  I think every kid in town has leprechaun gold secreted away somewhere!
It was 85 degrees today - mighty fine weather for March 17th!  So we celebrated with a picnic at the park.  The girls had so much fun!

(Okay, I LOVE the froggie overalls!  They were Katherine's and I am so happy to see Rachel wearing them now.)