Dogs and a Piano

We spent a few days at Steve's parents and had a nice, relaxing visit.  The weather was gorgeous - sunny and in the 80's.  Katherine spent as much time as possible in the backyard with Grandpa's dogs.  She is campaigning for a dog in a BIG way!  She was thrilled when Grandpa let the labs out so she could play fetch with Rosie and Victor.
While Kate is a serious dog lover, Rachel wasn't so sure.

She's okay with the general idea of dogs, but she wishes that Grandpa's were smaller, calmer, didn't lick, and let her boss them around.  So she pretty much kept her distance.  Her opinion of dogs was not enhanced this morning, either.  Rae had gone out to play in the sandbox and, of course, had taken off her shoes and socks.  Victor, who is very energetic and curious, came over to investigate and promptly ate her sock!  Rachel was quite indignant - "Victor ate my sock!  Naughty!"
Both girls had fun plunking around on Grandma's piano.  Katherine has done so for years, but this trip she learned to pick out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  She was so proud!
Of course, then we had to listen to the song 8,000 times...  Oh, well!