I Think It's Spring

The calendar says it won't officially be spring for a couple more weeks, but as far as I'm concerned spring is here!  We've had some gorgeous days and the girls have spent pretty much every free moment outside.  They are perpetually grubby, but really happy!  Katherine is determined to learn to jumprope and works and works to get all the way through a jumprope rhyme without messing up.  (Her favorite rhyme? - Ice cream, ice cream, cherry on top.  Who's your boyfriend?  I forgot!  A, B, C, D...)  Rachel has been turning sommersaults in the grass.  The grass is still dormant, so she ends up covered with little pieces of deas grass.  Tonight, we had dinner on the patio and listened to the robins sing.  It certainly felt like spring!  And the flowers keep coming.  We didn't get around to cleaning out the flower beds last fall, so there are lots and lots of dead, brown plants with shoots of spring bulbs poking through.  This afternoon I rounded the corner of the house to find this.
You just can't look at daffodils without smiling! 

I also have purple crocuses blooming.  I love this lavendar striped kind.
Before long it will be time for tulips and hyacinths.  And then Easter dresses and fresh asparagus and baby chicks.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE spring?