So…what do the children think of our new blog?

With the blog up and running (with a few posts under our belts!) we knew it was time to show the children what we had done, explain why we are doing it, and get their feedback.

Kim had a chat over group time on Wednesday (23rd March) explaining what a blog was, and Christine had her computer out for the rest of the morning so any interested children could come and have a look.

We discussed with the children that on the computer is information that can be stored and then used at a later date. We worked together, investigating the blog in small groups - this gave us lots of opportunities to explore, question and communicate our thoughts to each other.

On watching Glenn's singing:
Luke: " There's us. This is great. It's like magic!"

Fergus: "Dad's voice is tiny. Hey the videos are round the wrong way, we sung that song first" (pointing to the second video).

Ryan: "I like this, can I watch the videos of us again? I think I can hear me".

Nelson: "Look, I'm on this, I can see me over there" pointing to himself.

Abbey: "My mum uses a computer. Look I'm in the middle. I can see Jules too".

Brearna: "I saw the caterpillar changing on the computer" at home.

Jayden: "that was on my computer at home".