'The sun has got his hat on' - puppet show.

Today our plain wooden hammer house transformed into a beautiful puppet theatre. Whilst looking for music that we could use with the puppets and theatre, the children came across a 'love to sing' CD with the song 'the sun has got his hat on'. This became the inspiration for the rest of the morning.

Making new puppets became an important focus for the children, look at the wonderful bees and beehive stick puppets the children made.

"Puppets have united people of the world through a language unique to puppetry... it is a language that conveys feelings, ideals and passions" (Burn, 1989).

Puppets are great for fostering social interaction, communication, role playing, imagination, listening and much more. They develop leadership, performance and at times the courage to stand in front of our peers. Using puppets makes risk-taking feel a bit safer for children.