Best of Friends!

Lola and Ellie love their friend Bailey. They get so excited whenever I mention her name, let alone that we are going to hang out with her. This last week the girls have been spoiled and have been a multiple play dates with Bailey. The three of them together are so cute.

First we went to the San Diego Zoo!

Lola, Bailey, Ellie

The three of them are in deep conversation with the gorilla Lo and elle just had to ride on the gorillas back too!
holding hands and jumping...what fun-Lola got a head start.
Can you see that poor Peacock in the back ground? It is getting chased by three two year olds. AAHHHH!
At least the girls kept their distance to watch the mama duck and her ducklings cross our path.

Off to Sea World!

This was the first time I could get the girls to pose with Elmo, Lola even gave him a kiss. Ellie wanted no part of it though and Bailey was staying her distance as you can see in the lower left of the picture.

The all got into some trouble in the splash zone!
waiting in line for a ride is even fun with your buddies!
but nothing tops the jumpy zone! It's a toddler free-for-all!
We did manage to step out of the Bay of Play and see some sea animals. The girls loved watching the dolphins from the top and waving to them. It was only us and the dolphins there, they put on a little show for us.
It is so great that the girls have Bailey!