Memorial Weekend

We visited Steve's parents for a few days.  On Sunday, we went to the cemetery to put flowers on the family graves.  I have always liked the concept of Decoration Day, remembering and honoring loved ones who have died, but I had never actually decorated graves.  The girls were very interested in it all.  They have both been asking endless questions about long-dead relatives - Where is Granny's Mama?  Who was Grandpa's grandpa?  For Katherine, at least, a few details about our mysterious family tree may have been answered.

Steve's mom had pots of gorgeous flowers for each grave.  The girls were happy to help water them.
We took pictures of 3 generations.

Rachel was delighted to find her name on her great-great-great grandmother's stone.

Our girls will never know their biological relatives, but at least we can give them stories and meaningful memories of our ancestors.
It was hot much of the weekend - 106 one day!  So we tried out our new hopscotch splash game.  I'd say it was a hit!