Our small prickly visitor.

Imagine how surprised we were today when a small hedgehog came scampering in, taking shelter under our veranda. After a couple of attempts to set our new friend free (he wasn't having it and kept returning) we very carefully gathered him up, placed him in a box and gave him a raw sausage to eat.

When the afternoon children arrived it was a real treat to be able to show them what was in the box!

We were all absolutely amazed by the length of the hedgehogs back legs.

We spent along time looking at our visitor, noting the spines on its back, its soft tummy covered in a coarse grey-brown fur and its long whiskery snout.

Eventually, after almost all the sausage had gone, we decided to try once again to release the hedgehog back into our Kindergarten garden. It was a little reluctant (perhaps it didn't like today's rain) - I wonder if it will visit us again?

Our visitor was a great learning experience for us, we were able to discuss hedgehogs, their natural environment and see close up what they really look like.