Artist Margaret Olley, beautiful lady

Margaret Olley ... award-winning artist.
Margaret Olley, artist and muse died today. What a great lady, talking of the joy of giving in recent times, she said "if only people new".  She was also putting down the white gallery walls, saying the artwork might look better against a different colour. I love a sassy nanna.

Margaret Olley
 She painted right until the end, aged 88.  

A life well lived.
She had her priorities right.

Quote from: Margaret Olley, Far From a Still Life by Meg Stewart
"I’ve never liked housework.  I get by doing little chores when I feel like them, in between paintings.  Who wants to chase dust all their life?  You can spend your whole lifetime cleaning the house.  I like watching the patina grow.  If the house looks dirty, buy another bunch of flowers, is my advice". (p.438)