Biological Farmers of Australia

Biological Farmers of Australia Organic Schools program

I am just sitting here planning what environmental activities we are going to do with our Junior Landcare Group this term at school and thought I'd share this wonderful site. Would be great site for home schoolers as well.

I have used the first 3 lesson plans with our own modifications with great success.  We did the nutrition lesson outside, I brought in pretend food rather than using the pictures as it was easier to show the group.  Following talking about nutrition and eating a rainbow we made a rainbow fruit salad to share, made a huge rainbow out of flowers and a paper collage rainbow using vegetables and fruit pictures.
(not my rainbow but you get the idea)

I am tossing up between lesson 4 or 5 for this term but it also depends upon what the kids are doing as their themes.  The site is really a wonderful help as it has class notes, materials and preparation required all their for you.