Odds and Ends

Katherine went to day camp at Camp Horizon today.  It was her first taste of church camp and she loved it!  It was brutally hot, so I think they spent most of their time indoors.  Kate said they'd made s'mores - Poppy was there volunteering and said he didn't think they needed a fire, they could have just laid the chocolate and marshmallows outside and they'd have melted/browned nicely. 
Much to her disappointment, Rachel had to stay home with us all day.  We watched a movie about bugs (her request) and went to the library, but everything is boring without a sister to fight with.  Her Rainbow Bright look still makes me smile.
This afternoon, after naps and snacks and book time, things got a little silly.  Maggie is intrigued by the electronic beep of my camera, so she was willing to pose for about 1.2 seconds.
Then we decided to see who is taller, Maggie or Rachel.  Rae thought this was hilarious!
That led to some doggie dancing.
Okay, the heat is getting to us!