Partying in the Heat

The girls went to a 4th birthday party today for one of their friends.  The party started at the pool, which was nice as it was 102 degrees.  But, when thunder and lightening (no rain) moved it, the swimming part ended.  So we went to the park to wait for the rest of the party.  We had time to kill, so the girls found some duck/goose feathers and entertained themselves.
Finally, the rest of the crew showed up and the party continued.  There were sandwiches and fruit and then the birthday boy blew out his candle.  Don't you like the sweat beaded over his sweet face?
Then there was cake and popsicles and a little King of the Mountain on some rocks.
After that it was time to open gifts.  Check out Rachel creeping in to see the goodies.
The party moved on to the playground, but we went home.  It was still 100 out and we were HOT.  We ended our evening with nice, cold showers and went to bed!