Sushi and bean-curd thingies

This is a Sunday post listed after the Monday post, it's a bit of a back to front sort of week.
Kids helped make sushi on Sunday, I gave them all the bits and they put them together.

Big sister teaches little brother what to do. 
Fillings: arborio rice (had no sushi rice) seasoned  with rice vinegar and sugar, salmon, cucumber, carrot and avocado. Pickled ginger and wasabi on the side.

 Spreading the rice

 Thought I'd make a sort of Inari to go with the sushi.  I found this expired packet of bean curd wraps in the cupboard.  Googled for ideas but found very little info.  I had no idea what to do with it which is why it had been sitting around forever.  I love going to Asian Grocery stores and perusing all the interesting ingredients, this one opens out into a giant paper like sheet.  I cut it up with scissors into small squares. Simmered squares in water vinegar and sugar for 2 seconds, it then became very soft and malleable. Little one decided she liked it at this stage and kept stealing pieces.

I then used them like rice paper rolls and rolled the sushi ingredients inside, even the fussy middle child ate them. Think I'll be getting another pack of dried bean curd, was fun to play with and less fragile than rice paper.

Kids did a very professional rolling job!