A day at Werribee Zoo

I got the job of ferrying three excited girls to a "ranger on probation" all day activity at Werribee Zoo. I wasn't really looking forward to it as I've been sick all week, but at least coming out the other side. Rather than drive the 1 hour 4 times I decided to stay, we're zoo members so it's free. What a great job it was, the little one smiled all day, the sun shone and we saw some beautiful animals.  Makes me wonder why I don't do day trips more often.

We had a big day ahead of us, 10am - 4pm with a two year old, so we took things slow.  We played with the most amazing musical instrument made from recycled bits.  Later we heard someone with rhythm get an awesome sound out of it.

 Gazed at the trees, the landscaping  and gardens are a real treat at the zoo.

 Made friends.

Watched the monkeys eat each others nits with serious concentration and thrill. 

 The handmade signs are an ingenious use of metal lids.

 Little one wasn't so sure about the baby crocodiles, but did like the frogs in the African hut.

 I like this fence - it's just logs rammed into the ground with tussock grasses in the foreground

 Hunting for fossils

I like the African aesthetic they have tried to create, making use of found objects and beautiful wooden craftsmanship.

Actually got to read the paper at this point.

Got to love a Meerkat on the watch.  Apparently they go crazy when the local Whistling Kites fly above.

 Hippos lazed in the sun and inspired us to do the same.
 We went on "safari" on the zoo bus and amazingly scored the best seats. There was a bit of unpleasant pushy, shovey, rushing, and whinging at the wait for the bus stage, so we just went to the quiet queue furthest away and somehow ended up with a seat behind the driver. Baby zebra watched us with curiosity.

 On safari in Victoria,Australia. Beautiful vista if not quite the African plains.

Giraffe means graceful

 I love a zebra bum.

 Clematis microphylla filled with life.

Have I bored you yet? I've got more pics on the phone after my camera battery died...... Oh joy I hear you say, wait for the next instalment.