Children's Garden

The botanical gardens we visited this week have a brand new Children's Garden that is just fabulous!  There were SO many fun things to do with kids aged 1 to 12 and even the adults though it was great.
The entrance is through a cool rainbow.
Rachel loved the little water pumps and watering the flowers and vegetables.  There were lots of great water activities at the garden.
Katherine loved the giant Swiss Family Robinson style tree house in the Monster Garden.
I loved the giant Very Hungry Caterpillar sculpture.  It had doors in the back with compartments full of dress-up clothes and a cocoon sculputre with writing and drawing supplies inside.
Both girls adored the fountain.  The water flowed in a thin layer over the sculpture, but if you leaned on it frontwards and backwards it was possible to get totally drenched.  So they did!
We left through the rainbow tunnels, but we'll be back.
After all, we'll need to spend more time in the treehouse and hanging out with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.  And then there's the playhouse and the dinosaur sandbox.  We hardly touched the chimes and drums.  And we haven't yet explored the giant dragonfly or the painting center by the stream or...