Exciting parcel in the post

I am a real seed junkie, all the varieties and possibilities! I am not always good at putting them in on time but have the best of intentions every year.  I just received these seeds that I ordered on Ebay in the post today - who can resist a vegetable whose name is Mangelwurzel? Just $20 for the lot and enough vegies to fill the garden and more.  My daughter said she would try growing the watermelon radishes, they look so pretty! the loofah and red okra are a bit iffy for this climate but I love pushing the boundaries. Celeriac, solar yellow carrots, Bergamot, caraway, anise, Ceylon spinach, Purplette mini onions, Candy Red watermelon, Purple Calabash tomatoes, chia ..... nothing I've grown before and some familiar vegies Utah Tall celery, Romensco broccolli and iceberg lettuce.  A few flowers to bring the bees and smiles.

ooooh Spring how I love thee.