Here we go 'round the mulberry bush

One very sad looking twig.
How it came to be here

  • I purchased mulberry cuttings on eBay last year, yep some very entrepreneurial person is selling their cuttings.
  • Grew cutting - dipped end in honey and planted in potting mix - waited
  • Roots grew quite quickly - planted in bigger pot.
  • The mulberry was finally ready to go in the ground, I can see new growth about to burst into life
  • I dug a hole with the mattock in our heavy clay soil - no mean feat
  • Partner came and dug bigger hole - I thought I'd done well!
  • Dug compost out of bin
  • Emptied wheel barrow of compost in hole
  • Planted mulberry.
  • shook soil from surrounding grass to discourage it smothering our new plant
  • watered in
  • debated with my partner whether we planted it too low and if it will get waterlogged
  • Still need to give it a liquid feed
  • It was a beautiful day here today and the little one and I danced and sang around the twig
  • "Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush....."
  • took a little imagination
  • may have to try it on a cold and frosty morning
  • Actually grew more than one mulberry, have donated one to school, and one to our neighbour.  When its bigger we can have silk worms!
  • We rent but I love to grow food and just hope we will get to stay to watch this grow onto a tree.