more arty family times

Seeing as you liked my scrappy vegie signs (thanks for all the kind words - I was a little chuffed with myself), I though I'd add these pictures.  We made these signs on the school holidays out of aluminium trays - the sort you might get a pie on.  We got pretty tins from the clearance store - they came with all the patterns - as we don't eat too many pies.  You draw the image, cut it out, use a skewer or knitting needle to emboss dots and lines on the back, and then colour in with permanent texta (some of ours have faded - not all permanent textas are created alike).  You then glue the creation to a stick and find a special place for it.  All 3 kids loved it.

The idea came from

Don't you love that sunflower? Great book with lots of excellent pictures.

Little one is proud of her tulips
We have a fat bird somewhere that has flown the coup, I'll add him if he turns up amongst our chaos.

Rain really pelting down hard and winds gusting tonight, the sound makes you feel cold,  brrrr.