sour dough 2nd attempt

Not to be put off by my slightly stodgy first attempt, and somewhat rude comments by my partner, I tried baking sour dough again this weekend.  I have kept feeding that mother since my last attempt and she was getting big. This time I tried  Slow Living Essential's Mixed Grain Sour Dough and a revisit to the date and pecan loaf only with a few raisins thrown in for variety - 4 loaves in total.

As I am not a morning person the slow making of sour dough doesn't entirely suit my day and I have attempted a two day technique again.  This time I made the mix, left it to rest for 3 hours, then added salt, then put it in the fridge.  The following day my partner pulled it out of the fridge to warm up while I lay in bed with pancakes and the newspaper, my slovenly though wonderfully indulgent Sunday routine.

Then I removed the dough, folded it and let it sit on the bench under a vintage tea towel blanket.  I am a lazy cook and couldn't be bothered with cleaning and oiling my bowls straight away.  I returned every half hour and refolded the dough (maybe 4 times in total)

I then placed the dough on trays under glad wrap and waited for them to rise. After inspecting my oven I realised they weren't all going to fit, 2 at a time was ideal, 3 at a push, certainly not four. So much for saving electricity with a bulk bake.

We were going out and I was getting impatient so I baked one loaf, it seems a bit flat and I'm guessing a little moist to put it politely. I'll cut it tomorrow for the true test.

After getting back from our lovely big family pizza get together with the wise and ancient Nan, I baked the remaining loaves.  I think they were happier for the longer rise and have risen much more successfully.  I also set the oven lower (as our oven bakes extra hot) so they are a prettier golden sheen on this attempt.  The proof will be in tomorrows tasting but the kids are very excited about breakfast!