Sunny day in the garden

It was the warmest day we have had for ages, the lawn was dry enough to mow and even lie down on.  the birds were chirping, Fairy wrens visited the fairy garden and we even got to see a Spotted Pardalote visit the pond.

 Finding winter roses
 Violets are making a heady scent near the front door.  The little one likes to snack on these, afterwards it feels like you are breathing perfume.

"look at all the Chameleons" says the two year old.

 Dainty snow drops remind me of Nanna and cold visits to Ballarat.

 the weeds are making a come back

 something is eating my snow pea seeds, the tip found trellis waits patiently

 second round of broccolli shooting up, had some in our Nasi Goreng for dinner,  yum

 Possums have a penchant for my silverbeet.

 Surprisingly the red one's are left alone.

new plants for the garden, cabbages and violets (which are edible and good for you)

 this weeks major project - doesn't look like much but I have weeded, transplated, dug trenches and planted chitted poatoes - Kipfler, King Edward, Pontiac and a few Purple Congos

 Cubby house found at hard rubbish, where all the best kids toys hang out.

 Enjoying the return of the bees

 We have a new fence, I'm now mulling over the possibilities of what I can grow up it - grapes, kiwi, passionfruit, chokoes???

 Golden dust wattle is just coming out, much prettier than the super showy, somewhat gaudy Cootamundra wattles that are spreading their yellow joy.

Maple doesn't realise Autumn has past and spring is on its way, wonder if it will lose its leaves? Weather due to be freezing again soon, just got 3m of wood delivered, what a welcome relief a sunny day in winter can be.