Winter Wednesday

My favourite bits of Wednesday

Baking - Jam Doughnut Cupcakes. With helpers and bowl lickers.
Zuchinni ricotta pasta for dinner (not my pic), with zuchinni chopper and fry pan stirrer. I used wholemeal pasta and not as much mint, as I couldn't find much in the dark - delicious.

Click pic for recipe

Rain and wind gusting.
Dash outside before the mail gets wet.
Little one brings in some Camelias - they are a big proud pink extravaganza at the moment.

Eating cup cake - the jam that was meant to be in the middle swam to the bottom of each cake - we made most of them upside down jam cakes - still delicious. She's wearing two jumpers indoors - she kept complaining she was cold - think the bug we've got gave her the shivers.

Reminisce happily on yesterdays Op shop finds.
Pastel striped sheet - bunting?

 Lovely soft picnic blanket that folds up with handle - was quite doggy but has washed up a treat.

 Rainbow shoe laces and plastic thingies

Two Indonesian language books - I want to learn and teach the kids - they're meant to be learning at school but its not happening.  My parents live in Jakarta.

I ummed and aahed whether to get this as it's a while away for the little one to wear it - Then when I thought it was too sweet to leave and went to pay, discovered it was half price ($1.50), why was I agonising?.  Has beautiful vintage lace bits.

 Little Bo Peep smocked number, little one said maybe not, but I'm hoping she'll change her mind.

Batik Indonesian thing - thought it might be good for a display at school - or perhaps just to clutter up the house. 

Unopened mask for the dress up box 

Some stretchy camel velvet.

Also: some more kids books that have already disappeared into bedrooms - including activities for boys and things to make with paper.  A few novels for me.  A jar of blackcurrant jam (I hope we get enough currants for jam this year) Finally, a new red school polo top (unopended) that the big one wore for school photos today and a lovely unworn jumper (with label still attached) she put it on straight away and wouldn't take it off.

Best bit about today - three smoochy kids on the couch - cuddling and snuggling and vying for my attention. Ah to feel loved. Silly dad dance was also quite funny.

Join in with Hazel to see how others are enjoying the last couple of weeks of Winter.