Welcome to The Creative Toddler

As a full-time SAHM of a active, curious, adventurous little guy, I am always scouring the net to find ideas to keep my little guy entertained.

His Dad and I are both creatives by nature - he's in film and I'm a former art instructor and summer camp coordinator - so naturally we want to foster our little guy's inate creativity. Being that I'm the one who's home with Aiden the most it's up to me to plan as many creative adventures and provide as many different types of activities as possible to give Aiden the opportunity explore his own creative side.

At 16 months he is quite the curious little fella. He's really into music - guitars, pianos and percussion instruments are his faves, he loves a good book now and then, he enjoys the outdoors - digging in the rocks and his sandbox, and he's just started to develop his imaginitive side, using pieces of his floor puzzle as a phone for example. He's also a good creative problem solver and tries to figure things out for himself. And I have to say, it is an absolute honor and privilege to watch him learn and grow into the amazingly, brilliant creative toddler that he is.

So this blog is going to be a collection of sorts of all of the activities that I have done and will do with Aiden. I'll give you the instructions on how to do whatever it is we do, my tips for doing the project, and a review of how I think Aiden felt about the project. From time to time I'll also write about creative solutions to common toddler "issues" like feeding your uber-active-can't-sit-down-in-a-high-chair-for-more-than-10-minutes toddler. I'll try to post every day but if I miss a day please forgive me and remember that I have a 16 month old boy!

I hope you enjoy our adventures in creativity. And feel free to comment and email me with your ideas or feedback on a particular activity.

Creatively yours,
Maya :)